Are You Buying Quality CBD?

Are You Buying Quality CBD?

The buzz around CBD is it’s an all-natural, plant-based product that is a cleaner, healthier alternative. However, there is some concern with this industry when it comes to low-quality or even fake CBD. Keep reading for how to purchase a quality product. 

 What Is Cannabinoid? 

Most simply put cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is derived from the stalk and seed of cannabis (hemp) plants. CBD is the second most common compound of at least 85 that have been identified in the cannabis plant. THC is the first. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. 

It’s often consumed as a natural supplement in the form of oil edibles (like gummies), pills, or applied directly to the skin as a topical. 

However, not all CBD is created equally.  

Look Beyond the Label

A frequently asked question is “how do I know the label is accurate?” Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for labeling. The rules and regulations can vary from state to state and have been known to change frequently federally. 

Our best suggestion is to look for a Certificate of Analysis (often referred to as a COA) from a trusted lab. Read it thoroughly and carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially if you don’t understand something or you think the label and lab results don’t match. 

Search CBD on Amazon and you’ll see pages of products called ‘hemp oil’ with no mention of how much if any, CBD the product contains. While this is largely done to avoid legal trouble, it can be very confusing to consumers. For many, it’s understood that the products contain CBD. But without proper labeling and often no COAs, the ingredients or amount of cannabidiol isn’t actually clear. One major benefit to legalization is uniform industry standards and required lab testing, resulting in quality CBD for consumers. 

Some other things to be on the lookout for is mention of harmful chemicals either listed in the ingredients (or possibly on the product’s website.) Check out how they word the growing and extraction process. Look for anything that suggests the use of pesticides, chemical sprays, or other bug killers. Compare that to the COA – if there is one. If they don’t have a COA, don’t purchase. 

How To Get The Good Stuff

 Now that we’ve shared some of what to avoid, let’s talk about the good stuff…and how to get it. With so many high-quality choices out there, there’s no reason to settle for anything less. While the laws and legality of CBD do vary from state to state, many states have started requiring lab results on all oils. 

Only purchase from companies who test (and display their results). Third-party testing is optimal because it ensures the quality and safety of the product. Look for sealed packaging, which ensures the product hasn’t been tampered with. Stay away from products containing artificial flavoring. 

 True CBD products will clearly state the amount of CBD in the product and display test results.  

Why Choose Gulf South Organics? 

We’re invested in delivering the highest quality CBD Oils from the roots up. Our Colorado-grown hemp uses biodynamic farming techniques and zero-waste growth and production processes.

As the best CBD oil, our extracts aren’t created using chemicals or harsh solvents. Instead, Gulf South Organics products are created using a patented Vapor Distillation™ process, which uses heated air to gently extract both cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from USDA-certified organic hemp.

Our extracts are flash-activated in seconds, preserving the naturally occurring cannabinoids, beneficial terpenes, and natural flavors creating a more pure and potent product.

All of our products are Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, and Gluten-Free, and we have the results to show it.

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