Offering the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil, Gulf South Organics is invested in the entire process from the roots up.  Our team of experts uses a patented Vapor Distillation process to extract all cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes. This allows us to create only the finest and most effective CBD products.


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Lilly – CBD Oil Advocate


Learn some of the benefits of using CBD and how it reacts with your body to effectively treat different ailments such as anxiety, blood pressure, blood sugar, mood, sleep, skin disorders, and more.


Kristopher – CBD Oil Advocate


We grow hemp that’s high in CBD and low in THC and perform an extract to get CBD oil that can be used for anti-anxiety, improve sleep and work as an anti-inflammatory. During our natural growing process, we respect the Earth and the cycle of growing food and medicine

Tim – Managing Partner Birds and Bees Farm


We use a state-of-the-art Vapor Distillation method, which is the purest extraction method known today. THC levels (the psychoactive ingredient in cannibas) in most of our products test at 0.0, which means it doesn’t even register. Our products come with a certificate of analysis.


Alexis – Clone Specialist


We ensure everything is organic. We don’t use any fungicides or pesticides that have bad chemicals in them. Instead, we use ladybugs, praying manti, and other natural methods. We also use a cover crop. Watch the video above to learn more.

Scott – Operations Manager


By planting and harvesting our own crops, we are able to produce the highest quality products.

Anna – Hemp Farmer

Anna explains how hemp provides a sustainable way of life for farmers.

Johnny – Clone Specialist


We use HGH (high grade hemp) to develop high grade products that contain as much as 18% CBD. Johnny explains the value of HGH in the video above.

Chris – Permaculture Specialist  


We focus on cultivating renewable resources using the philosophy, “we did not inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children.’