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We’re fiercely dedicated to improving the lives of others by offering only the highest quality CBD oil extracts.


Our CBD oil is Vapor Distilled™ from only the finest organically grown Colorado hemp. All of our products are Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, and Gluten-Free.

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Vapor DistillationTM


Our products are created using a patented Vapor Distillation process, which extracts all cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from USDA certified Colorado-grown organic hemp.


The process uses heated air to gently extract both the cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes without the use of chemicals or harsh solvents.


Beyond Full-Spectrum


Our extracts are flash activated in less than two seconds, so the plant’s natural terpene profile is preserved.  Though Flash Activation, our extracts contain the highest level of naturally occurring terpenes of any activated edible extract.


When a hemp plant produces CBD, it is produced in the form of CBDA. For CBD to be available to the body, the naturally occurring CBDA must be converted to CBD. This process in known as activation or decarboxylation, and is accomplished by heating the CBDA until it becomes CBD. Conventional methods of activating CBD include exposing it to high heat for 45 minutes to several hours, until most of the CBDA is converted. This conventional activation process destroys most of the plants’ volatile terpenes, lowering the efficacy of the oil.


At Gulf South Organics, our products are made differently.


Flash Activation preserves the the hemp plants’ naturally occurring terpenes and results in a more potent and effective extract.



Made with Pride and Passion


At Gulf South Organics, we take great pride in doing it right, and providing you with the purest and highest quality hemp products. Our hemp is grown using biodynamic farming techniques, and a zero-waste grow and production process. We’re endlessly passionate about what we do, and remain fiercely dedicated to improving the lives of others with our products.


Our owners, Perry and Barbara Dolce, are personally invested in an organic hemp farm in Longmont, Colorado. We work closely with our farmers who harvest each crop, as well as our formulation experts who supervise the CBD extraction process. Rest assured, at Gulf South Organics, we employ the highest possible levels of quality control and produce only the finest organically grown CBD and Hemp products, from Seed to Sale.

Gulf South Owners in hemp field
Gulf South Organics Hemp Shucking Process
Gulf South Owner in the Warehouse
Gulf South Organics Hemp Drying Process
Gulf South Owner Barbara in Hemp Field
Gulf South Owner Perry in Hemp Field